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planter with 8 L volume

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Foldable Raised Bed with robinia wood (durability class I – more durable than oak) | it goes up until 1,68 m high | the distance between each plant box is larger than before | 1 Liter water reservoir are perfect for hot long summers |  buckling resistant plant box (28 cm x 33 cm) ASA-plastic, scratch-resistant, weather-proof, impact-resistant, 100 % recyclable | BASIC variant without any watering system, self-drilling overflow | HYDRO variant with watering system, water-level-indicator, drainage sieve, overflow, intake basket, plug | base area approx. 0,4 m², folds down to approx. 18 cm | assembled in 5 minutes | perfect light distribution | includes assembly-, maintenance instructions and two assembly tools | now in two difference surfaces for indoor only | new with propagation dome GREEN HOUSE

The NEW FOLDABLE RAISED BED for home and garden.

The planters are arranged vertically in a wooden frame. You can vertical garden indoors and outdoors in a space-saving manner on just 0.4 square meters of floor space. Whether indoor plants or vegetables on the balcony or terrace, the practical FOLDABLE RAISED GARDEN offer many possibilities. The boxes (size 28 cm x 33 cm, hight 19 cm) have a capacity of 8 liters, of which 1 liter is water storage. The planters are lightweight, sturdy and ideally suited for ornamental plants. When the balcony season is over and space is limited, the FOLDABLE RAISED GARDEN can be folded and stowed away easily, thanks to its collapsible design. You can find more variants under Vertical Garden 10 Liter.

Bottom Watering – self watering from below.

Watering from below is standard for modern planters. This is also the case with the newly developed planters from Urbanature. The water reaches the root area via irrigation corners and is slowly absorbed by the plants. Excess irrigation water runs off. The plants thrive and produce yields.The GREEN HOUSE propagation hoods fit perfectly in the 8 liter box. Use it to grow your plants from seed. That saves money. The young plants can be perfectly protected under the propagation hood GREEN HOUSE.

Foldable Raised Garden – with watering system.

Raised beds are the trend – homemade or commercial – you can find them everywhere. The problem with the vast majority of all these products is the enormous amount of soil required, and when you add watering, it becomes really difficult. The new URBANATURE planters have a balanced size ratio. With four levels (max height 1.68 m), the substrate is sufficient for most applications (flowering plants, kitchen herbs, mixed plantings, sweet potatoes and much more). The wide spacing between the trays provides room for growth and light to reach the lower levels. Excess water drains from the top to the bottom in a controlled manner. The bottom box can be closed with a self-locking plug (important: if the raised bed is indoors and the soil must not get wet). Water level is controlled at all levels by water level indicators.


foltable raised bed with fresh herbs
foltable raised bed with fresh herbs
foltable raised bed with fresh herbs

The Foldable Raised Garden with ash and robinia wood.

We offer the newly developed raised bed in two versions.
Robinia wood is used for the outdoor area. Robinia is durable and weather-resistant and corresponds to durability class I. No other European wood is more weather-resistant. The fast-growing wood is extremely hard and in comparison to oak, does not “bleed”. Robinia is a pioneer tree – an eco tree.

We use “white” ash for the indoor. The hardwood is much easier to color. The various surfaces are hard wax oiled and therefore water and dirt repellent. Ask for it.

Material for oudoor use.

The planters in the folding raised bed are made of ASA/ABS – the plastic for outdoor use and will last for many years. Production is manual and only partially automated. The raised beds are 100% manufactured in the Urbanature workshop. We use FSC certified Robinia wood.

You will receive spare parts for all URBANATURE products. Here you can find answers for freqently asked questions.

foltable raised bed with fresh herbs
foltable raised bed with fresh herbs


measurements Sbase 59 x 59 cm, dimension plant box: 28 x 33 cm, hight 19 cm, 8 liter volume

weight 5 kg, 7 kg, 9 kg

material robinia untreated, ASA plastic, galvanized screws

variations 2 planters 0,81 m hoch _  3 planters 1,25 m hoch _ 4 planters 1,68 m high

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 59 × 53 × 21 cm

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