planter with 10 L volume

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the new vertical garden in excellent quality | made of robinia wood (durability class I) | 1.5 liter water reservoir is perfect for hot summer | with more space between each flower box | scratch-resistant, weather-proof, impact-resistant, 100 % recyclable | durable, untreated oak wood from sustainable forests | base area approx. 0,2 m², folds down to approx. 18 cm | incl. water level indicator, incl. overflow, plug and drainage sieve | assembled in 5 minutes | perfect light distribution | includes assembly-, maintenance instructions and assembly tools | optionally with weather protection

The new Vertical Garden in highest quality.

Urbanature takes climate change into account and adapts its products. The plant shelf is made of robinia wood.The new flower boxes are now significantly larger. The boxes have a capacity of 10 liters, of which 1.5 liters are water reservoirs (dimension 46 cm x 25 cm x 17 cm). The flower box has a new drainage system. The water level indicator is included. Each flower box has an overflow. The bottom box is with sealing plugs (self-locking).

The FLOWER BOX is shaped to ensure even light distribution. Thanks to the scissors fitting, the wooden frame is easily folded up and stowed away space-saving. We offer the vertical flower boxes in three different sizes. Colored finishes are available for indoor use. We recommend for this vertical flower box 8 liter.

Vertical flower box for indoor and outdoor.

The plant shelf have a height of 80 / 115 / 150 cm. We use european robinia wood for this because of its durability. The wood grays very slowly due to heavy rain and weathering.


Vertical Garden – that is NEW.

URBANATURE adapts its flower boxes to climate change. The capacity has been increased to 10 liters, of which 1.5 liters are water reservoirs. The geometry of the box has been changed – an additional floor base helps when planting outside the planter (image 1). A surrounding edge of the box has a positive effect on room irrigation.

Plants don’t like stress and should always get enough nutrients. But too much water in the flower box is not good either. Waterlogging can drain off via the overflow. The bottom flower box has a plug and cannot be lost thanks to (self-locking) ( image 2 ).

From time to time, the water reservoir in flower boxes gets dirty. The water level indicator no longer works reliably. The plants even suffer under these circumstances. Urbanature has revised the drainage siev, reduced the slots to 2 mm (image 4).

Functional design and durability

No special care is required indoors.
The wooden frame is made of european robinia wood. It turns slowly grey over time due to weather influences. In general, robinia is the most durable and hardest wood in Europe. We only use robinia from sustainable forests. For indoor use only, we recommend the 8 liter models with different surfaces.
The flower boxes are made of ASA – the plastic for outdoor use and come from northern Germany. Production is manual and only partially automated. We manufacture the plant shelfs 100% in-house.


measurements base 58 x 38/51 cm, flower box: 45 x 25 cm, hight 17 cm, 10 liter volume

  5 kg / 7 kg / 9 kg

 robinia wood, ASA-plastics, galvanized screws

variations 0,80 m / 1,15 m / 1,50 m

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 59 × 53 × 21 cm

, ,


Basic (without any watering system), Hydro (with watering system)

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