Green design for homes, garden and balconies.

 URBANATURE designs urban gardening products for your home. Great design meets green design.

Easy, with the lightweight planter on wheels or the vertically arranged plant shelves. Flowers, fruit and vegetables can grow on a small balcony or on a terrace. URBANATURE loves to solve problems. Have a look at the concrete flowerpots spicepot. They have a water reservoir at the bottom of the pot. A MUST HAVE during hot sommer days. The plant stand plant stand is a real eye catcher for your kitchen or hallway. Drip free! Use our aroma-proof herb flasks for dried herbs herb flacons. Cutting boards with special features and different functions spiceboards

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 URBANATURE designs concrete bicycle stands and supports a car-free city.

We developed a stylish bicycle stand, made of concrete. The cube weighs 18 kg and holds bikes up to 14 kg (tyre width from 20 mm up to 65 mm).

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Beton Fahrradständer 2.0 kaufen

bicycle stand Bikeblock


Gewürzglas mit Kräutertee

herb jar herb flacon


plant stand Hochgarten


cutting board Spiceboard

Wandbegrünung 1 Pflanzröhre

wall greening hanging garden

concrete cachepot detail

concrete cachepot spicepot