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Returns are free of charge throughout Germany on orders over 50 EUR. Please get in touch with us and we will send you a return slip. Please give us a call if you have any questions before you order, we are happy to help.

Spare parts can be found in our shop. Special wishes are usually not a problem. Just contact us.

Yes, we do.

Producing concrete of consistent quality is impossible. Air pockets and slight discolorations can occur. A reason for us to reduce the price significantly. We offer B-quality for up to 60% cheaper. Plant stand HOCHGARTEN (B-grade), Concrete flowerpot SPICEPOT B-grade, Bicycle stand BIKEBLOCK 2.0 – B-grade.

Our concrete products are produced by a partner company not even 50 meters from us. Other components are made in Germany, a few are made in Poland. Further processing, assembly, packaging and logistic takes place in our own workshop in Lützen, on the outskirts of Leipzig. Further Information can be found here >>

We offer you interesting conditions, ready-made text modules, high quality pictures and of course great URBANATURE products. Just contact us?

Urban Gardening products

Plants do not like waterlogging, so an overflow in the outdoor area is absolutely necessary. The upper flower boxes drip down, the lower box has a sealing plug. The sealing plug is no longer lost and is firmly connected to the plant box. We recommend keeping the planter permanently closed and using the water level indicator as a guide. Water the plants with care. You are welcome to contact us in this regard. The indoor vertical planters do not require an overflow.

Hydroponics means – without soil but only water + fertilizer/nutrients + mineral clay granules as an anchor for the roots. All this is not rocket science. Compared to soil, hydroponics always have a constant concentration of nutrients. No bugs in the pot, reduced evaporation, water less. You can get hydro plants in all good garden stores and online from our partner. ( Hydrokultur Spezialist )

The plant stand HOCHGARTEN weighs 15 kg. It is recommended that it stands on a firm and level surface. Smaller unevennesses can be compensated by spreading the wooden poles. The plant stand stainless steel HOCHGARTEN Edelstahl has set screws. Of course it can fall over but only with active help. Please take care of your pets! You can find the plant stands in our unserem SHOP.

You do not have to, but you can! The handle / climbing pole of the planter on wheels BLUMENTROLLEY is made of knotless larch wood and therefore weather resistant. Larch is a wood for the outdoors! You can buy the planter on wheels here.

We recommend to extend the plant shelf VERTICAL GARDEN up to a maximum of four floors only. Otherwise you need a ladder to reach the plants and we think that the load is too heavy if you extend any further. The extension items are available in our shop.

The oak of the plant shelf VERTICAL GARDEN has not been treated. It turns grey over time due to weather influences. Paint the frame with a suitable glaze if you like to avoid this. For a small service fee we will do the protective coating for you. No treatment is required indoors. All colored plant frames are treated with RUBIO Monocoat, are dirt and water repellent. No treatment is necessary if you use the VERTICAL GARDEN indoors. Click here to buy this product.

We recommend to use the included parts to fix the wall greening HANGING GARDEN. A solid wall is necessary (alternatively a double planked drywall). If you only have a simple drywall, you will need special dowels. You can find the HANGING GARDEN in our SHOP.

No. However, it would be helpfull if you want to use the entire 4.5 liters water reservoir of the planter on wheels PLANT TROLLEY. The plant must be large and should have a lot of roots. This is not a problem with plants such as bamboo, geranium or fast-growing vegetables. Indoors, an aquamat is a must have.

We recommend to use the maximum pot size for the plant stand HOCHGARTEN. 13 cm in diameter and 12 cm high. The plants should be fertilized regularly and repotted once a year. A little advice: use the water reservoir of up to 250 ml. The plants form water roots by themselves and make use of the water depot. Our Tip: Use hydroponic plants and use insets for your plant stand, click here >>. Hydroponics means – no bugs etc., a constant supply of nutrients and more lush growth. Hydro plants are available from any well-stocked garden supply store, or you can root them yourself from plants. Simply cut off the shoot tips and place in water until they sprout roots. That´s it.

Each planter of the VERTICAL GARDEN has a volume of 6, 8, 10 liter For our shop click here >>.

Other products

Basically counts: the lighter the bike the better it stands. The BIKEBLOCK holds sports bikes under 14 kg easily. Great is the new waffle structure, which provides a better grip. The rear wheel should be pressed into the concrete slot: Elbow on the saddle, align the wheel vertically and push the bike backwards. Please note: The BIKEBLOCK must stand on a level and firm surface, not on gravel or sand. The rim does not come into contact with the concrete if the tyre pressure is sufficient. Some e-bikes with a hub motor in the rear wheel and a inframe battery hold up very well in the Bikeblock bicycle stand. ( Ampler Bikes )

The herb jars STEHAUF HERB FLACON can only be used for dried herbs, spices or herbal tea. Up to a certain filling level the glasses can be used for liquids, but you can not change the rules of gravity …. Meaning: they will tip over eventually. Therefore do it on your own risk….you find them in the SHOP >>

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