FAQ – frequently asked questions.


Do I have to pay for returns that are sent back within 14 days?

What about spare parts?

Do you send items to Switzerland?

How can one imagine B-quality?

Where are the products made?

How can I become a retailer of your products?

Urban Gardening products

Are there holes in the planters of the vertical garden?

What does hydroponic planting system mean?

How stable stands the plant stand – HOCHGARTEN?

Do I have to paint the climbing pole of the planter on wheels?

Can I extend the VERTICAL GARDEN?

Has the frame of the plant shelf VERTICAL GARDEN been treated?

How do I attach the wall greening HANGING GARDEN to the wall?

Does the PLANT TROLLEY need a water level indicator?

Are the pots for the plant stand not a little bit too small?

How big are the planters of the VERTICAL GARDEN?

Other products

Is my bike fixed to the BIKEBLOCK safely?

Can the herb jars be used for oil and vinegar?

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