planter on wheels PLANT TROLLEY

planter on wheels – PLANT TROLLEY with integrated climbing pole and climbing aid

The PLANT TROLLEY is a lightweight flower pot with wheels attached. A solid wooden pole is attached to the rim. It serves as handle as well as climbing aid.

Three different kind of climbing aid can be fixed to the wooden pole, depending on the purpose. The mobile flower pot is made of UV stable plastic and has a drainage sieve at the bottom. Excess water drains away, is collected at the bottom of the pot which serves as water reservoir. Plants can thrive well and are easy to maintain indoors as well as outdoors with this planter. The PLANT TROLLEY is available in white or grey. Find the SHOP here >>.

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Blumenkübel mit Rollen

planter white with plant
planter on terrace

Mobile planter with water reservoir and climbing aid outside the pot.

There are plenty of flower pots available – BUT the PLANT TROLLEY solves many problems that arise on balconies, terraces and with indoor plants. The beautifully designed planter remains compact, is well-balanced and modern.

Spacious: The mobile PLANT TROLLEY accommodates 24 litre of soil and offers the plants enough room to develop. Thanks to the wheels, the sommer plants can easily be brought to a winter location or quickly moved aside for sweeping.

Plants that need a lot of water during the summer can be supplied with water due to the 2.5 liter water reservoir. In addition, soil wetness is avoided. A plug at the bottom enables to drain excess water.

Use hydro substrates if you would like to use the planter not only on your balcony or terrace. A water level indicator can be used to supply your indoor plant with the right amount of water.

Well thought-out design, high quality materials

The flower pot PLANT TROLLEY is made of a thick-walled, UV stable PE plastic. Due to this, the flower pot is light, light-resistant, but stays dimensionally stable. The plastic is recyclable, for more information click here >>.

The climbing aid is 3cm thick and fixed to the pot. The wooden pole is arranged near the middle of the planter, but is nevertheless outside the pot. Contact with the plant substrate is avoided. The rot proof larch wood is from sustainable forests. The wooden pole serves as climbing aid as well as handle to move the planter around. The tiling-function even works with heavy plants.

Three different climbing aid are available who fix and retain the plant at the pole even when it is windy. An opulent growing plant can be used ideally as mobile camouflage.

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planter without plug
planter with plug


light and mobile planter

UV-resistant plastic

100% recycable

wodden climbing pole outside the pot

4.5 liter water reservoir

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Light, movable plant trolley

durable, UV-resistant plastic

climbing pole outside the pot

4.5 liter water reservoir