The plant stand consists of five cachepots on stilts

The flower stand HOCHGARTEN consists of five circularly arranged cachepots, who are attached to diagonally upwards rising stilts. Various hanging plants can be presented on eye-level indoors as well as outdoors. The flower pots are easily removed for planting. Each pot has an indentation that serves as water reservoir and avoids soil wetness. The plant stand is stable and manufactured to a high standard. A brilliant eye-catcher! The plant stand HOCHGARTEN is available with grey or white pots, find out more in the SHOP >>.

Pflanzenstaender mit Zimmerpflanzen
Hochgarten Pflanzenständer
Blumenständer im Schloss

Low-maintenance decorative plants for house and garden

The plant stand HOCHGARTEN is an eye-catcher for indoors. Five plants can be arranged on a compact area of less than 40 x 40 cm. The stand fits perfectly into a kitchen, corridor or open-plan office. The plant stand is ideal for hanging plants. A microclimate develops due to the compact arrangement of the cachepots and the special characteristics of the concrete material. Evaporation is reduced. Access water drains into the water Reservoir and can be absorbed again by the plants (max. 200 ml).

No time to water your plants every day? Plant “Hydro”. Simply order insets with water level indicator in our shop. All you nned to do: add swelling clay to the plant.

Another note: The plant stand HOCHGARTEN is like a diverse sculpture. The Five cachepots on stilts can be associated with a bunch of flowers who lasts forever.

Great design and proper HANDMADE quality

An especially developed casting method allows to produce very thin pots with just 7 mm thick walls. The cachepots are almost watertight and without a visible seam. The concrete material properties are similar to common cachepots made of clay. The pots are easily removed from the plant stand. The poles are equipped with slip-resistant rubbers. The expandable poles provide a safe stand. The connecting element is made of fibre-reinforced concrete. Poles and connecting element are screwed together. Read more about the materials here >>.

Are you looking for a weather-resistant plant stand?
The plant stand HOCHGARTEN STAINLESS STEEL is suitable outdoors as well as in a modern kitchen.

hints for planting
You have little time to water and fertilise, but still like to have attractive plants in your home? We do recommend the following sedum plants:
Burro´s tail (Sedum morganianum)
Rhipsalis cassutha
Tradescantia (Tradescantia sillamontana, Tradescantia fluminensis, Tradescantia blossfeldiana)

Schlangenfetthenne, Korallenkaktus und Tradeskantie


base 40 x 40 cm, height 1.50 m
pots 15 cm high, inside diameter 13.5 cm

total weight: 15 kg
weight concrete pots: 1.8 kg

oiled oak
anti slip rubber

white concrete pots
grey concrete pots


small base

ideal for hanging plants

removable pots

with water reservoir

attractive arrangement at eye-level