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The label URBANATURE stands for Jörg Brachmann´s designer products for house and garden. His designs are inspired by a strong affinity with nature and a passion for cooking and he has a real eye for the extraordinary.

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In his own studio on the outskirts of Leipzig, he turns his ideas into prototypes and perfects them before creating product series. In collaboration with regional craft specialists, he develops solutions that allow his products to be manufactured in high-quality and high-quantity products. The assembly, production of parts and logistic take place to 100% in own workshops in Lützen. High-quality materials are used: Wood from sustainable forests – even for the packaging. The press area is here >>.

“We are drawn to the natural world. It’s in our nature. And yet we live in cities and stare at walls. The label URBANATURE fills the gap between city living and the longing for something more primal.”

How we work – the fast way from an idea to a series.

No pain, no gain – that´s our motto. We are not working under pressure and are taking things step by step.

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New ideas start off with little drawings and are turned into prototypes. Once they are perfect, they will be produced in small numbers in Jörg Bachmann´s own studio. Later on we pass the production on to regional craft specialists. It is important to us that we work closely with our trade partners and that our products have short transport links. Meanwhile, we work together with suppliers from five states (Bundesländern) and recently from Poland. Our products are a perfect fit and seem to have met the taste of time – product design for urban gardening: URBANATURE is setting a trend.

Our motto – good product design and PURE materials.


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In addition to solving problems with new and clean shapes, we use durable and high-quality materials. That comes at a price. Believe us, we know how to reduce manufacturing costs. Lower quality materials, lower labour costs or made in China make lower selling prices possible. But we want our products to last and we do not want to disappoint you.

We process the following woods.

For our products we use European wood from sustainable forests.

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PURE MATERIALS stands for awareness of weathering and greying. We want products to adapt to the environment and not to be a foreign object for a lifetime (or as long as the paint holds). This principle reflects in the design of our street furniture and plant shelves available in three sizes.

We process the following plastics.

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We use for the plant shelf VERTICAL GARDEN ASA plastics, especially developed for outdoor use. Our planter on wheels BLUMENTROLLEY is made of 100 % PE plastic, thick-walled, UV stable and longer lasting than normal flower pots from the hardware store.

Why we process concrete?

We love concrete. In comparison with clay, concrete does not have to be baked at high temperatures.

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There is almost no shrinkage and a continuous sealant in the concrete makes it waterproof. Concrete is in fashion! Everything is currently made of concrete: Kitchen and work surfaces, seating furniture, lamps, pencil holder. All items have in common that they are heavy and cold. We chose concrete for the BIKEBLOCK, because we needed a heavy cube. We became experts in concrete production.

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