wall greening HANGING GARDEN

The wall garden is a planting system with plenty of possibilities

The HANGING GARDEN is a minimalistic planting system for indoors. House plants, salads and herbs are put in scene and make your indoor space so much greener. A plant tube is equipped with three mesh pots. The planting tubes are hanging between two steel cables, are vertically adjustable and easily removed. Horizontally, the HANGING GARDEN can be extended by several “fields”. The wall garden is ideal for hydrophobic planting. For SHOP click here >>.

Lieferumfang Hängegarten
Zimmerpflanze in der Pflanzröhre des Hanging Garden
wallgreening salad

More than an indoor plant – the green wall

Move nature inside your home with the wall garden. The HANGING GARDEN from URBANATURE consists of plant tubes and a steel cable suspension system. Ideal is the wall garden for light rooms and shady conservatories. There is no need for complicated watering systems or installations. All you need is a bearing wall. There is hardly any evaporation due to the closed plant tubes. Watering is only necessary from time-to-time. The use of mineral plant substrates like swelling clay or clay Granulate offers optimal growth. Another effect is that there are hardly any vermin or crumbly soil. Use an UV-lamp if there is not enough light to support plant growth.

What grows in the wall garden?

Ideal are sturdy fern and so called greenhouse plants with big leaves that grow at room temperature too, for ex. climbing figs or philodendron.

We can practise horticulture with the plant tubes, just on a smaller scale. Salads, various pack choi and herbs are suitable for the plant tubes. Ideal are plant substrates with a nutrient solution that already contains fertiliser. Find more information under „hydroponic gardening“.

We are happy to help with any further questions regarding wall greening, wall suspension or cultivation. Please contact us here >>.


plant tube 650 × 125 × 125 mm
fixation to wall plant tube 65 x 2.5 x 2.5cm
max. height 230 cm

1 plant tube approx. 3 kg
plant volume appox. 4.1 liter


PVC, stainless steel, anodised aluminium

2 steel cables and 1 plant tube
2 steel cables and 2 plant tubes
2 steel cables and 3 plant tubes


  • ideal for interior landscaping
  • easy, minimalistic fixation to wall
  • no complicated watering system
  • minimal evaporation
  • huge creative leeway
  • easy cultivation due to removable pots
  • incl. water level indicator
  • clean and vermin free due to mineral substrate