planter robinia

Without waterlogging.

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Balcony box made of Robia wood | 85 x 18 x 19 | 20 litre volume | without closed wooden base | for classic plastic boxes 80 cm long or with plastic insert | no soil / wood contact | dovetail wood joint | waterproof joint gluing | all-round stainless steel clamp | additionally connected with wooden dowels | floor-standing or for any standard balcony attachment

5 - 10 days

The planter made of robinia wood without waterlogging.

The balcony box has a length of 85 cm, is 18 cm high and 19 cm deep. The total volume with insert is 20 litres. The robinia wood is waterproof, joint-glued and additionally dowelled. An all-round stainless steel clip (non-rusting) provides additional security. The balcony box body is open at the base. Excess water drains away. There is no waterlogging, which is the biggest problem with most wooden boxes with a base.

Stable design and good thermal properties.

Plastic balcony boxes are not dimensionally stable. Exposure to sunlight affects the material strength. Thermal heating causes the substrate to dry out. Once the soil (substrate) has dried out, it hardly absorbs any more moisture. The balcony boxes, which usually hang askew, quickly overflow and remain dry. The plants suffer. Robinia wood, on the other hand, retains its shape, does not heat up and withstands wind and weather. The plants should not be subjected to additional stress, especially on hot summer days.

Weight 6 kg

with insert, without insert

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