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The new 8 liter VERTICAL GARDEN is now available | it goes up until 1,68 m high | the distance between each plant box is larger than before | 1 Liter water reservoir are perfect for hot long summers |  buckling resistant plant box (28 cm x 33 cm) ASA-plastic, scratch-resistant, weather-proof, impact-resistant, 100 % recyclable | durable, untreated oak wood from sustainable forests | gearing on the wooden frame ensures maximum rigidity | base area approx. 0,3 m², folds down to approx. 18 cm | incl. water level indicator, incl. overflow, plug and drainage sieve | assembled in 5 minutes | perfect light distribution | includes assembly-, maintenance instructions and two assembly tools | now in two difference surfaces for indoor only | new with propagation dome GREEN HOUSE

2 - 4 working days (German wide)

The NEW Vertical Garden (8 Liter).

The planters are arranged vertically in a wooden frame. You can vertical garden indoors and outdoors in a space-saving manner on just 0.3 square meters of floor space. Whether indoor plants or vegetables on the balcony or terrace, the practical VERTICAL GARDEN offer many possibilities. The boxes (size 28 cm x 33 cm, hight 19 cm) have a capacity of 8 liters, of which 1 liter is water storage. The planters are lightweight, sturdy and ideally suited for ornamental plants. When the balcony season is over and space is limited, the VERTICAL GARDEN can be folded and stowed away easily, thanks to its collapsible design. You can find more variants under Vertical flower boxes – 10 litres.

Lush greenery indoors or vertical gardening outdoors.

We offer the newly developed planters in a special indoor version. It goes up to a height of 1.70 m. The plant stand is made of ash wood. A large base frame ensures stability. Choose between a white, black/green or clear finish. The outdoor version is made of oak and is particularly weather-resistant. We recommend a maximum of 3 vertical planters outdoors. The areas exposed to the wind would be too large for 4 outdoor plant boxes. The GREEN HOUSE propagation hoods fit perfectly in the 8 liter box. Use it to grow your plants from seed. That saves money. The young plants can be perfectly protected under the propagation hood GREEN HOUSE.


Grow your plants from seeds. That saves money. For the cultivation of young plants we offer the GREEN HOUSE cultivation hood. The UV-resistant plastic is highly transparent and robust.

Plants don’t like stress. Especially in the hot summer months, the plants should always have enough water available. The new planters in the VERTICAL GARDEN have a 1 liter water reservoir. Water is sucked up through a small sieve (image 2). This is important if the young plants have not yet fully rooted the substrate.

Severe thunderstorms and heavy rain are rare but still present. VERTICAL GARDEN constructions have to withstand quite a bit of weather. A large base frame ensures a secure footing (image 3). Outdoor, we recommend only three vertical planters (height 1.25 m). Each planter has an overflow. The lower box is closed with a plug (image 4). If necessary, excess water can be drained. The plug is self-locking and cannot be lost!

indoor plants with vertical garden white
indoor plants with vertical garden white
indoor plants with vertical garden white
indoor plants with vertical garden white

The Vertical Garden with ash and oak.

Indoor we use “white” ash. The hardwood has a similar texture to oak, but stains much better. The various surfaces are oiled and are therefore water and dirt-repellent. Outdoor the wooden frame is made from untreated oak wood. It turns grey over time due to weather influences. The wood weathers over a long period of time. This can be prevented by treating the plant stand with a hard oil or by choosing our weather protection.

Manufacture Made in Germany.

The flower boxes are made of ASA – the plastic for outdoor use and come from northern Germany. Production is manual and only partially automated. We manufacture the VERTICAL GARDEN 100% in-house. We process German oak wood.

You will receive spare parts for all URBANATURE products. Here you can find answers for freqently asked questions.

indoor plants with vertical garden white
indoor plants with vertical garden white


measurements Sbase 59 x 59 cm, dimension plant box: 28 x 33 cm, hight 19 cm, 8 liter volume

weight 5 kg, 7 kg, 9 kg

material oak, untreated ASA plastic, galvanized screws

variations 2 planters 0,81 m hoch _  3 planters 1,25 m hoch _ 4 planters 1,68 m high

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 59 × 53 × 21 cm

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