concrete flowerpot SPICEPOT B-grade

cachepots with water reservoir

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Concrete with imperfections: air “bubbles”, discolorations. For some a reason to find them special and adorable, for us a reason to offer the cachepots at a lower price.

height 15 cm, 13.5 cm inside diameter, 7 mm thin walls | weight 1.8 kg | without visible seam | plants do not stand in water when over-watering | self-watering possible

2 - 4 working days

The SPICEPOT B-grade is 14 EUR cheaper than the normal SPICEPOT. The surface has discolorations, more air “bubbles”, but it is still water proof.

Concrete flowerpot with water reservoir.

For more green in your life and more fresh herbs in the kitchen

The flowerpot SPICEPOT is a shapely cachepot made from smooth concrete. The thin-walled concrete pot is reduced in its form to the essential. It is suitable as cachepot for conventional kitchen herbs with a diameter of 13 cm.
The SPICEPOT is made without visible seam and maximum density of the concrete. An increase in the bottom of the pot serves as a water reservoir. The plants do not stand in water, there is no dammed-up water and the plant can supply themselves with water via their roots.

cachepots made of concrete
cachepots made of concrete
cachepots made of concrete
cachepots made of concrete

Cachepot made of exposed concrete.

The flowerpot SPICEPOT is not only convincing concrete lovers: The simple grey and shapely cachepot stands in contrast with the green of the plants.

A special feature is the very smooth surface with an extremely thin wall of just 7 mm. Another advantage is the water reservoir: Plants do not stand in water, because each pot has an indentation that serves as water reservoir and avoids soil wetness. Plants can supply themselves with water via their roots. Excess water can evaporate. The bottom of the pot is glued waterproof with a soft leather fibre fabric and ensures that the pot stands stable and does not scratch surfaces. No time to water your plants? Plant “hydro”. A permanent high water level would be visible outside as a dark mark. We recommend insets for the flowerpots.

The SPICEPOT is the perfect gift for all ambitious chefs, for lovers of fresh herbs and modern design.

cachepots made of concrete


diameter 16 x 16 cm
height 15 cm
pot inside diameter 13 cm
7 mm thin wall

approx. 1.8 kg

exposed concrete
leather fibre fabric


super smooth, thin walled concrete

water tight

with 200 ml water reservoir

leather fibre fabric at the pot bottom

for standard herb pots, diameter 13 cm

Weight 1,8 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 25 cm

one pot, set of three pots

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