URBANATURE designs and develops products that fill the gap in everyday life between city living and the longing for something more primal. Our products solve problems with charisma, humour and charm.

Ornamental and crop plants indoors and outdoors grew so far mostly in heavy planters. Hanging baskets dripped from the ceiling when over watered. Hanging plants in classic planter fell from the cupboard in dryness. Lack of space is omnipresent on most balconies.

From these day to day problems we developed the mobile planter: PLANT TROLLEY for all big and heavy plants. The plant stand: HOCHGARTEN was created for hanging plants. You no longer need nails to fix the hanging basket to the ceiling or beam. The plant stand stands by itself. Excess water is stored in the bottom of the pot.

An extremely space-saving arrangement is the planter shelf: VERTICAL GARDEN. The foldable frame is made of high-quality materials and suitable for indoor and outdoor use (awarded with the German Design Award 2016).

We developed the HANGING GARDEN for those who want to green their walls without having to constantly water the plants. The wall greening is a hydroponic planting system and is offered with extensive accessories.

cachepot with herbs

Spicepot – Cachepot made of concrete

Spices (parsley, basil, chive) are available at any supermarket. Yet they need watering. The Spicepots´ shape is naturally in keeping with the need of every plant not to stand in water. Up to 200 ml excess water can be stored at the bottom of the pot.

herb flacon spice flask

Herb Jars that stand-up

Dry herbs from your balcony or terrace for the winter month and give them as a present to your dearest. URBANATURE has the perfect storage solution – the aroma proof herb flasks. Who couldn´t simply love them?

for the spiceboard two
cutting board ash, for small herb pots
cutting board bridge shape

Spiceboard Product Range – Cutting Boards for herbs with many extras

Our cutting boards are made of solid hardwood. The aim of this product series was to integrate the pots into the spiceboards. We offer two different pot sizes: 8 and 12 cm. The advantage of the bridge shape boards is that plates can be shoved under spiceboard. Anti-slip rubber helps to keep the spiceboard in place when using the chopping knife.

bike stand made of concrete

BIKEBLOCK – Bicycle Stand for fast bikes

Universal, extremely cool and NEW – that´s what we were looking to design. Something for bikes that you do not want to leave at a lamp post or in a hallway. The BIKEBLOCK is a heavyweight and is made for all bikes up to 15 kg.

organic gardening for balcony plants

Organic Fertilizer made from cocoa shells

The Green Lab Berlin develops liquid or granulated fertilizer, recycling waste from the food industry. Greenlab