plant shelf VERTICAL GARDEN – 10 L

foldable plant stand

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there it is the brand new 10 liter vertical garden | 1.5 liter water reservoir for hot summer | with more space between each container | scratch-resistant, weather-proof, impact-resistant, 100 % recyclable | durable, untreated oak wood from sustainable forests | gearing on the wooden frame ensures maximum rigidity | base area approx. 0,2 m², folds down to approx. 18 cm | suitable for 19 cm water level indicator, incl. overflow, plug and drainage sieve | assembled in 5 minutes | perfect light distribution | includes assembly-, maintenance instructions and two assembly tools

2 - 4 working days (German wide)

Vertical planter – growing your own vegetables – in a limited space – urban gardening, does it work?

This minimal garden rack with two or three boxes works indoors just as well as outdoors. Each planter has a volume of 10 liters. The 1.5 liter water reservoir is perfect for hot summers. When the balcony season is over and space is limited, the VERTICAL GARDEN can be folded and stowed away easily, thanks to its collapsible design. Urban gardening that works. Awarded with the “Trend Product Award 2013” and the “German Design Award 2016”.

Planter VERTICAL GARDEN (10 Liter) for flowers and vegetables growing in your home or garden.

The flower boxes of the VERTICAL GARDEN are fixed to light, but still sturdy wooden frame. Two, three or four flower boxes are arranged above each other. They find space even on a small balcony or terrace.

The VERTICAL GARDEN stands unaided. Thanks to the scissors fitting, the wooden frame is easily folded up and stowed away space-saving. “Excellent” said the jury of the Trend Product Award 2013 and the German Design Award 2016. We use solid oak for the wooden frame and high-quality ASA plastic for the flower boxes. You are looking at a durable product.

vertical garden with three planter
vertical garden with three planter
vertical garden with three planter
vertical garden with three planter

A green paradise in a small space.

Small balcony, small terrace? The plant rack VERTICAL GARDEN needs little room only. The base measures 58 x 38 cm, maximum height is 1.15 m. The VERTICAL GARDEN with its box shaped geometry provides an even light distribution.

There is no need to fix the wooden rack at a wall or handrail, it stands freely and can be used as a green camouflage. The weather-resistant plastic boxes are installed into the wooden frame. All flower boxes have drainage sieves and an overflow with plug. They can be equipped with 19 cm
water level indicator. Herbs, flowers and some fruit and vegetable plants can be cultivated on a small spot. Urban gardening, that works.

High quality and durable materials.

The flower boxes are made of ASA plastic. The material has been developed especially for outdoor use. ASA plastic is durable, scratch-resistant, impact resistant and lasts in rain and the sun.

The wooden frame is made from untreated oak wood. It turns grey over time due to weather influences. Paint the frame with a suitable glaze if you like to avoid this. In general, oak is the most durable and hardest wood in Europe. We only use oak from sustainable forests.

After the summer saison, all you need to do is undo the screws and the frame is easily folded down to 18 cm.

vertical garden with three planter
vertical garden with three planter


base 58 x 38 cm height 2 boxes: 0,81 m height 3 boxes: 1,15 m height, dimension flower box: 45 x 20 cm, height 15 cm

2 boxes: 4 kg 3 boxes: 5,5 kg
oak, untreated ASA plastic

available with 2 or 3, incl. assembly and care instructions, installation wrench

small base

cultivated area – with water reservoir

overflow – stable, foldable

oak frame – even

light distribution – camouflage

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 59 × 53 × 21 cm

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